#MAS4BL Merch is Here!

We have partnered with the amazing Ash Jay Products LLC to produce our #MAS4BL shirts, hoodies and masks! You can now also shop directly on their website and proceeds will be donated to us!


Creating a safer America for people of color is not a political issue.

It is not a left or right problem, nor is it is an anti-white issue. This is something much bigger, and much worse. American citizens are being robbed of their liberty, tranquility and their security. Constitutional rights that our forefathers and ancestors fought and died for are being disregarded and discounted. The very core of American values is being threatened. This is a domestic genocide. Stand with us to support the safety of Black people in America.


Black signs are used to mark streets and homes as a #SafeSpaces for people of color. This sign alongside other yard signs can be used to make a stand against racism. These signs show support for the safety of all people, especially African Americans and other BIPOC. The practice that helped a number of enslaved people find freedom and safety is being mirrored here by these #SafeSpaceSigns. Soon there will be other ways to show support. Let's band together and show that we want America to be safe for people of color! Take a risk, Pick a side, Make a change! Become an ally today.


Signs 2.0

Abstract patterns derived from "protective styles" in the African American community are added to our signs used to mark areas as safe spaces throughout the country.


Accessorize with a purpose with one of our hats! These hats will soon be Available for Pre-Order on our site. Sign up now to get on the waitlist!


Buttons and stickers can be adhered to clothing and other objects to show support as an ally. Join the fight against racism! Be on the right side of History!


A portion of proceeds from all Make America Safe 4 Black Lives sales will be donated to progressive organizations. If you have an organization that supports the mental or physical safety of African Americans, please free to contact us for information on how we can support your cause.


Contact to get more information on the project